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Still doing the Co-Creating Our Reality thing...

I'm still doing the C-COR stuff - today is Day 33 of my Three Times The Charm Version 3.2 run... I'm definately feeling better for it too :-)

I've been working with one specific journal to track what I do for C-COR.  These are the practices they give you as a starting point:

Journaling, Journalo-graphy (video journaling), Reading, Vision Board, Meditating, Affirmations/Words of Power/Powerful Declarations, keep and record all Manifestations, Creative Visualization, Creating an Intention for the Day, Yoga/Breathing Techniques, Exercise/Fitness/Gym, Rule of 5 (five daily actions that move you forward toward your goal and/or five daily successes you enjoyed), Mastermind Group/Brainstorming, Dream Board/Treasure Map, Gratitude

I've chosen to work with the following:
Reading (something that forwards your commitment and/or inspires you)
Creating an Intention for the Day
Mastermind Group/Brainstorming
Dream Board/Treasure Map
Affirmations, Words of Power, Declarations
Make Powerful and Unreasonable Requests
Powerful Declarations and Requests
Rule of 5: Five daily actions steps to forward your goal and list five daily successes you enjoyed
Exercise, Fitness, Gym

and each day when I write my Intention for the Day, my Affirmation, and my Powerful Declarations they all go into one journal.  A typical journal entry for me looks like this:

Intention for the Day:
I start my day with a decision to be happy, joyful, hopeful, optimistic, loving and abundant.

Affirmation: (this changes from week-to-week)
Each day I am creating my life anew.

Powerful Declarations:
I am happy and grateful now that I am being true to Who I Am.

I am happy and grateful now that our life is smooth, easy and more full of happiness and goodness each and every day.

I am happy and grateful now that Gene & I are on a path of better health which has lead us to a better life with each other and our boys.

All in all, not really fancy but I like it.  It's me and it's a comfort to write that at the start of every day.  I do have different color pens that I alternate with day-to-day (pink, red, green, blue and purple).  

I also keep a seperate Gratitude Journal - I've already filled one and have started on my second one... it's nice to have so many good memories and thoughts in once place to look at when I need a lift... I can read nothing but happy things. :-)

Okay, I think this is a long enough entry for now... I'll be back when I can girls...

Always & All Ways,

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